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Windows 8未能取悦美国消费者,销售遇冷

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本文摘要:aWindows 8 hasnt delivered any pop to US consumer sales of PCs in its first month, with sales falling by 21% compred to the same period in 2011, according to NPD Group, which monitors US retail sales.Windows 8在它第一个月并没给美国的个人电脑销售带给任何“卖点”,与20


aWindows 8 hasnt delivered any pop to US consumer sales of PCs in its first month, with sales falling by 21% compred to the same period in 2011, according to NPD Group, which monitors US retail sales.Windows 8在它第一个月并没给美国的个人电脑销售带给任何“卖点”,与2011年同期相比销售额上升了21%,根据监测美国的NPD集团。Laptop sales fell by 24%, while desktop sales fell by 9%, said NPD, continuing a trend in the US where PC sales have been dropping through the year compared to 2011.笔记本电脑的销量上升了24%,而台式电脑的销量上升了9%,比起2011年沿袭了在美国个人电脑销量上升的趋势,NPD说道。The report comes days after the chief financial officer of Asus, one of the worlds five biggest PC makers, said that demand for Windows 8 is not that good right now, after its executives had expressed doubts about how the new OS might be received by consumers.在高管传达了对新的操作系统如何将被消费者拒绝接受的猜测之后,世界五大个人电脑制造商之一的华硕首席财务官说道:“对Windows 8的市场需求现在不那么悲观”,旋即该报告出来了。

Of further concern for Microsoft, NPD found that consumer sales of Windows 8 tablets were almost nonexistent, representing less than 1% of Windows 8 device sales through the channels it monitors. But Stephen Baker, NPDs vice president of industry analysis, said there was one bright spot: sales of Windows 8 laptops with touchscreens made up 6% of sales.更进一步注目微软公司,NPD找到Windows 8平板电脑的销售“完全不不存在”,代表了将近1%的Windows 8设备销售通过它监控的渠道。但斯蒂芬贝克,NPD行业分析的副总裁,说道有一个亮点:Windows 8带上触摸屏的笔记本销售占到了6%的销售额。


NPDs report comes just after sources among component makers say that Microsoft has halved orders for its Surface RT device, which uses an ARM rather than Intel chip and runs a special version of Windows 8.在组件制造商中的来源说道微软公司早已减为了表面RT装置的订单,用的是ARM而不是英特尔的芯片并用来运营类似版本的Windows 8之后,NPD的报告出来了。A comparison with the same period in 2009, when Windows 7 was also just four weeks old, showed far greater penetration of the new OS: then, 83% of Windows devices sold had the newest version. This year, the figure is 58%.与2009年同期相比,当Windows 7还只是四个礼拜大的时候就表明了新的操作系统更大的渗透力:然后,卖出的Windows装置中有83%有了近期的版本。今年,这个数字是58%。

That implies that PC vendors and retailers this year still had substantial amounts of inventory with Windows 7 even when Windows 8 was launched – and that this backlog has to be cleared before Windows 8 sales could start in earnest.这意味著即使当Windows 8发售时个人电脑供应商和零售商今年仍有大量Windows 7库存,在Windows 8销售见地开始时积压必需清理。That would tally with separate findings from Net Applications, which said that a month after Windows 8s release it constituted about 1% of PC use, compared to 3.6% for Windows 7 after the same period in 2009.这将合乎网络应用程序的独立国家调查结果,解释Windows 8公布之后的一个月它包含了个人电脑用于的约1%,比起在2009年同期之后Windows 7的3.6%。


Consumers buy about half of all PC sales in the US, but demand has flattened with the rise of tablets such as Apples iPad; that has had the effect of diverting consumer spending to other products, and lengthening the life cycle for PCs. Windows 7 came out before the iPads announcement in January 2010.在美国消费者出售占到了个人电脑销售的大约一半之多,但随着苹果的iPad等平板电脑的蓬勃发展市场需求早已饱和状态,这早已影响着消费者移往开支到其他产品,并缩短了个人电脑的生命周期。2010年1月在iPad声明之前Windows 7面世。The weakness in PC sales was amplified by a slow back to school period in September and October, said Baker. Thats usually a period of strong sales of Windows PCs as secondary students and schools prepare for a fresh academic year, and first-time university students choose computers - very frequently laptops.个人电脑销售低迷被9月和10月较慢的“回校期”减轻,贝克说道。

随着中学生和学校为新学年做到打算以及大学生首次自由选择电脑——一般来说是笔记本电脑,这一般来说是微软公司个人电脑销售的一段强大期。But that went slowly, leaving Windows 7 devices with wholesalers and retailers: The bad back to school period left a lot of inventory in the channel, which had a real impact on the initial sell-through rates for Windows 8, said Baker.但那进展较慢,将Windows 7设备留下了批发商和零售商:“差劲的回校期在渠道中留给了大量库存,这将确实影响到Windows 8最初的零售利率,”贝克说道。Microsofts new head of its Windows division, Tami Reller, told analysts earlier this week that 40 million Windows 8 licences had been sold in its first month. That compared to an estimated 60m in the first two months of Windows 7, as calculated by Reuters.微软公司Windows部门的新领导Tami Reller本周早些时候告诉他分析师,4000万Windows 8牌照第一个月早已卖出。

比起Windows 7在前两个月估算的6000万,据路透社计算出来。Baker noted that Windows 8 touchscreen laptops with an average price of $867 (540), accounting for 6% of Windows 8 laptop sales, had helped re-establish a premium segment to the Windows consumer notebook market.贝克认为Windows 8的触摸屏笔记本电脑平均值售价867美元(540英镑),占到了Windows 8笔记本电脑销售额的6%,早已协助“Windows笔记本电脑消费市场修复了一个溢价段。