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交友应用风行索契 务必注意网络安全问题

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本文摘要:Youre young, youre a world-class physical specimen, youre living in a fenced-in village full of similar people from all over the world who are dying to meet you, and its Valentines Day.你风华正茂,具有世界级的标准体格,住在一个被周围的小村子里,这里都是来自世界各地、跟你差不多的人,他们渴求了


Youre young, youre a world-class physical specimen, youre living in a fenced-in village full of similar people from all over the world who are dying to meet you, and its Valentines Day.你风华正茂,具有世界级的标准体格,住在一个被周围的小村子里,这里都是来自世界各地、跟你差不多的人,他们渴求了解你,又正逢情人节。Clearly, you need a matchmaking app.似乎,你必须一款交友应用于。Since the beginning of the Games in Sochi, the founder of one such app says his companys internal statistics suggest that athletes, or some combination of athletes, fans and volunteers, are using his product to make lots of new friends.自索契冬奥会揭幕以来,某款此类应用于的一名创始人说道,其公司的内部数据表明,参与冬奥会的运动员,更加清楚地说道是运动员、观赛粉丝和志愿者都在用于他的产品交好众多新朋友。

Tinder has seen a 400% day-over-day increase of new users in Sochi since the Olympics opened Friday, Sean Rad says, with numbers now in the thousands. We didnt have a lot of activity in Sochi before the Olympics, he said. In the last week, though, the host city became one of those areas for us that have great penetration and usage.交友应用于Tinder的西恩拉德(Sean Rad)回应,自上周五冬奥会揭幕以来,Tinder在索契的新用户数量每日减少400%,现在已约数千人。他说道,冬奥会之前,我们的应用于在索契并不活跃,然而上周期间,索契沦为我们的应用于渗透率极高、使用量相当大的地区之一。

Released in 2012, after the London Games, Tinder connects people to others in their geographical vicinity. A users first name, photos, age and interests pop up on another users phone screen, and Tinder plays Cupid if both users like what they see enough to swipe to the right on their phones, allowing them to talk with each other in a chat window. From there: Who knows?Tinder在伦敦奥运会完结后于2012年公布,让人们与附近的人互相联系。用户的名字、照片、年龄和兴趣不会经常出现在其他用户的手机屏幕上,如果用户彼此都中意,Tinder就扮演着了丘比特的角色,用户可以在手机屏幕上向右滑动,在聊天窗口中聊天。在那之后不会经常出现什么事就只有天知地知了。Tinders presence in Sochi, particularly among athletes, was revealed in part by Jamie Anderson, the 23-year-old American snowboarder who won a slopestyle gold medal Sunday. She told Us Weekly afterward that Tinder was such a distraction that she had to delete it from her phone. The average user spends 77 minutes a day with Tinder, said Rad.Tinder在索契、特别是在是在运动员之间的风行一定程度上可以在23岁的美国单板滑雪运动员杰米安德森(Jamie Anderson)身上获得反映。

安德森周日夺得了障碍技巧项目金牌。她在雅典奥运后对《美国周刊》(Us Weekly)回应,Tinder过于让人迟疑,她被迫从手机上移除了这个应用于。拉德说道,用户平均值每天在Tinder上花费的时间为77分钟。

Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level, Anderson said, according to the magazine.据《美国周刊》报导,安德森说道,奥运村里用于Tinder早已蔚然成风。Grindr, a similar app for men that reports 55,000 monthly active users in Russia, says it has seen a climb to 541 active users in Sochi from 185 since the opening ceremony. In countries where an openly gay culture is lacking or forbidden, Grindr is often the only way for gays to be able to communicate with each other, Grindr founder Joel Simkhai said in a statement. (Russia recently passed a law prohibiting gay propaganda. President Vladimir Putin said before the Games that gays would be welcome in Sochi.)针对男性的类似于应用于Grindr声称其在俄罗斯有5.5万名月度活跃用户。该应用于说道,其在索契的活跃用户数量自开幕式以来从185名减少到541名。

Grindr创始人乔尔西姆凯(Joel Simkhai)在一份声明中回应,在缺少或禁令公开发表同性恋者文化的国家,Grindr经常是同性恋者需要彼此交流的唯一途径。(俄罗斯不久前通过法律禁令宣传同性恋者。

不过,俄罗斯总统普京(Vladimir Putin)在冬奥会前称之为,索契青睐同性恋者。)The companies have no way of parsing what percentage of their users are Olympians. Tinder usage has a history of picking up in other temporarily high-density areas, such as music festivals. The company is expecting a similar bump when Brazil hosts the World Cup this summer.上述这些公司没办法分析其用户中有多少是奥运会运动员。在其他人们继续挤满的地方,比如音乐节期间,Tinder曾多次有用于人数大大增加的先例。